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What genius came up with the idea of changing a frequently used hotkey to an obscure function? I had seen this kluge earlier in the Windows version. Now it's made its way into the linux version. Do your coders even play this game? I doubt I will ever need remote control of the program. This is a constant annoyance. Fis it!

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I don't know if this matters, but hitting the "R" key removes the bands on a puzzle on my Windows 7 machine, and instead initiates the "remote" function on a puzzle on my Windows 10 machine. Why the difference?

(Why would we even need a "remote" function?)

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Hi both,

This is a bug which we are investigating. We have already fixed this for new installs but the change may not be retroactive for older machines. While we continue looking for a solution, you can manually fix this by editing your hotkeys.txt file to delete the line including "GENERAL_MANAGE_REMOTE"

Thank you for your patience.


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