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Hey all, we're about to release an update to the developer preview with some bug fixes and updates to Dojo Mode - full list below!

Dojo Mode:
- Removed tracks from Dojo mode
- Fixed a bug in Dojo mode causing some actions (especially the Rama map) to cost more stamina than intended
- Made fixes and balance changes to some Dojo levels
- The main menu now displays your Dojo rank and highest Dojo run score.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash when creating bands while wiggling.
- Allow show to stay toggled while toggling filter.

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Release Notes:
* Fixed a bug causing Foldit to crash when playing offline or the Dojo server is unavailable
* Added a Lua function filter.GetData(string name) which takes an Objective name and returns a table of data about it; defaults to an empty table if no additional information is available. All supported Objectives contain a "version" key and a "documentation" key in the returned table which describes the rest of the table of data provided. Currently, these Objectives are supported: Core Exists, BUNS, Hydrogen Bond Network, and Secondary Structure.
* Added a preliminary Japanese translation courtesy of player Nicm25
* Fixed a bug causing tooltips and other text with adjustable size to not be translated

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