Dojo mode confusing. And more.

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Opened by:BootsMcGraw
Opened on:Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 17:59
Last modified:Monday, April 12, 2021 - 14:08

Lots of problems with this new game mode.

First and foremost, it's confusing, and I assume totally baffling to a new player. There is nothing to tell me what I am supposed to accomplish or how to "win" a level.

Second, and most frustrating, there is no way to reset a level when you've goofed. I am not going to CTRL-Z my way back to the beginning when I'm being timed.

There is nothing to tell me what a level is worth, or how many of those possible points I achieved. Not sure if a "Run Score" is my total score for the game.

The "stamina" meter re-sets to a random value with each level. What is the purpose of that?

At some point, I was no longer offered the "Easier" level choice after completing the current level. Why not?

What is an "End Run"? Does it end the game? I didn't dare find out, because I feared losing everything I had done, prior.

I hit the "pause game" button, to write this review, and returned to see a "stamina" of zero. I thought "pause" meant "to stop everything".

Great idea in theory, sloppy execution. 2/10 would not play again.

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Thank you for your brutally honest feedback, Boots.

This is exactly why we appreciate devprev testers like you, so we can iron this out before Dojo is released to new players.
Thanks again for the detailed report!

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Thanks Boots! I'll look into each of these issues.


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