Developer Preview Release Soon - Dojo Mode!

Hey everyone, we're about to release an update to the Developer Preview with an exciting new feature: Dojo Mode!

What is Dojo Mode?
The Foldit Dojo is a new game mode to help beginner and intermediate players practice their folding. In Dojo mode, you have a stamina bar that decreases based on how many moves you make and the time you spend working on the puzzle. You'll need to work quickly and efficiently to beat these levels. Puzzles in the Dojo are also tailored to your skill. You might not see the same levels or order of levels as other players. When you beat a puzzle, you'll also have a chance to choose an easier or harder challenge. If you're on a winning streak, the Dojo will encourage you to try harder levels. If you run out of stamina, you can still keep playing on a different puzzle, but the Dojo will try to find easier levels for you. After a total of three losses, your run in the Dojo will end and you'll be given a final score for the run and overall rank for your progress in Dojo mode. In the future, we hope to add new achievements or leaderboards for the Dojo, but for now you can share your results on our Discord or forum if you'd like to informally compete with other players.

We're adding this new game mode to help bridge the gap between the tutorial campaign and Beginner/Novice science puzzles. Our hope is that, with enough different levels, our matchmaking system can find the right challenge for any player to practice at the edge of their comfort zone. In this early release, Dojo mode has around 70 unique levels, but we hope to add many more once the system has been tested.

We would love to hear your feedback on Dojo mode! You can leave feedback on our feedback page ( or message @Josh directly on the Discord or through the in-game chat. Let us know what you think about the concept, changes you'd like to see, or issues with specific levels (please provide the level name in the upper right corner so we know which level you're referring to). Thanks!

Release Notes:
* Added the Dojo, a new practice mode!
* Fixed a bug where the cancel button was not visible on some menus

(Wed, 03/24/2021 - 19:33  |  1 comment)
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Confusing. And more.

Lots of problems with this new game mode.

First and foremost, it's confusing, and I assume totally baffling to a new player. There is nothing to tell me what I am supposed to accomplish or how to "win" a level.

Second, and most frustrating, there is no way to reset a level when you've goofed. I am not going to CTRL-Z my way back to the beginning when I'm being timed.

There is nothing to tell me what a level is worth, or how many of those possible points I achieved. Not sure if a "Run Score" is my total score for the game.

The "stamina" meter re-sets to a random value with each level. What is the purpose of that?

At some point, I was no longer offered the "Easier" level choice after completing the current level. Why not?

What is an "End Run"? Does it end the game? I didn't dare find out, because I feared losing everything I had done, prior.

I hit the "pause game" button, to write this review, and returned to see a "stamina" of zero. I thought "pause" meant "to stop everything".

Great idea in theory, sloppy execution. 2/10 would not play again.

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