Interim rankings for binder design competition

We are about halfway through our special two week binder design competition. As of March 20, 17:00 GMT players have shared 64 valid submissions in Puzzle 1968! Participants still have until March 26, 23:00 GMT to submit as many 10,000 point solutions as possible.

Here are the current standings, with the number of submitted designs from each participant:
ucad - 11 designs
LociOiling - 6 designs
akaaka - 5 designs
spvincent - 5 designs
Bruno Kestemont - 5 designs
BootsMcGraw - 5 designs
CharlieFortsConscience - 4 designs
Dudit - 4 designs
ichwilldiesennamen - 4 designs
Galaxie - 3 designs
Enzyme - 2 designs
dcrwheeler - 2 designs
nspc - 2 designs
georg137 - 1 design
martinzblavy - 1 design
Norrjane - 1 design
phi16 - 1 design
infjamc - 1 design
zippyc137 - 1 design

Note: We've had to reject a surprising number of submissions that violate rule #2 of the competition, which states that players must restart the puzzle for each submission. We think there may have been some confusion about this rule, and we'll be looking into these rejections to try and figure out if they represent honest work that should be accepted. If you think some of your submissions may have been falsely rejected, please send a private message to bkoep.

(Sat, 03/20/2021 - 19:19  |  3 comments)
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Already some nice r├ęsults ^^. Hope more will follow the competition.

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beware of pose leaks...

I'm tagging each design with a segment note (alt-tab on a segment, put something in the notes box). This helps reduce confusion.

At least twice, the solution seems to have changed while a recipe is running. This might be why some solutions were rejected. It's as if a previous credit best or even very best solution gets loaded at some point.

I'm now running each solution in its own track. The Tracks button is on the Undo menu. Give the track a name, and click Create. I create the track immediately after resetting the puzzle. Having a separate track gives you new very best and credit best poses.

With tracks and segment notes, it's at least easy to tell what's what.

I've been seeing a similar problem with Banded Worm Pairs Infinite Filter. It has a tendency to pick up an invalid pose with open cutpoints from a previous recipe. It's as if a very best pose got loaded. I'm pretty sure the recipe doesn't load credit best or very best, but I haven't dug into it. As a workaround, I create a new track before starting BWP IF. This seems to fix the issue.

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It is always good to create a track for each new or alternatives solution. With "restore very best" I never miss the very best of a solution.

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