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Hey all,

We're working on some new features for View Options, and we want to know what your preferred view options are for different situations. For example:

On ED puzzles, I like to have:
- Show outlines on
- Clashes off
- Voids off
- Exposed off

When running a recipe, I do:
- All visualizations minimal (clashes off, show sidechains off, etc)
- dark background
- Score coloring

What view option settings do you like to use?

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Option to View Water/Hydro

I have a suggestion, how about an option to view Water/Hydro surrounding the protein (a fish in the water analogy)

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For normal use: Color:

For normal use:

Color: Score/Hydro
View Protein: Cartoon
View Hydrogens: Show Bondable H
View Sidechains: Don't Show

These options checked:

Show bonds (sheet)
Show constraints
Fade GUI
Show Outlines
Light background (I believe I'm in a minority of one there)


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