2020 Snowflake Challenge Results

Hey folders!

Dev Josh here with the results of our 2020 Snowflake Challenge! A big thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you had as much fun making these snowflakes as I had admiring them!

This challenge was a sequel to our 2014 Snowflake Challenge, and this year y'all crushed it again! Like last time, I tried to have each dev pick a favorite, but some of these snowflakes were so impressive, they got picked multiple times. Let's start with the runner-ups:

These are already so great, thanks to everyone who submitted a snowflake!

Next up, our Bronze winners:

Our community manager agcohn821 likes this snowflake by Evica:

Small molecule developer Sciren likes this one by phi16:

Our newest dev milkshake calls this one by WBarme1234 "Snowpizza":

Small molecule scientist rmoretti on the other hand prefers something that could potentially fold up in real life. He calls this piece by infjamc "Winter at 77 K":

Coming up next, our Silver winners, who received multiple mentions from the team:

The self-described "Summer Snowflake" by AlkiP0Ps:

And this masterpiece by cjddig, which beta_helix calls "Snowflake Under a Microscope":

Last but not least, our Gold winners!

This marvel by Vincero had my vote among others. Vincero provided a title and description for their own work:

Finally, for the very top favorite of the team and the winner of this year's Snowflake Challenge, we congratulate fiendish_ghoul for this gorgeous snowflake.

Thanks again to everyone who particated! This was a ton of fun and we hope to do it again soon!

Until next time, happy folding!

( Posted by  joshmiller 70 718  |  Tue, 01/19/2021 - 18:22  |  2 comments )
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"snowflake" design

Hi agcohn821,

Thank you very much for choosing my "snowflake" design. It was a pleasant surprise to receive this award.
I know you had many options to choose from ... I am grateful that you like my design.

Many thanks, Evica

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Hi Evica! It is such a beautiful design--keep up the great work!

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