Please re-instate "click on name to call up profile" in chat window.

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Until a few months ago, one could click on a player's name in any of the chat windows, and that player's profile would appear in a browser window.

One can still click on a player's name in the leaderboard windows to be taken to that player's profile page, but you can't see everyone's name. You can see the puzzle's top ten players, the bottom ten, yourself, and all the players ranked on that puzzle within fifteen ranks of your own.

Would it be possible to re-instate this function, so we don't have to go searching for a player's profile when we are chatting with them?

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I don't have any new clients open right now to test
this, but I think if you click on the (i) button
that lists all who are in Chat right now, an extra
window appears listing all their names. I think
you can click on a name in this extra window to
see the user's Foldit profile page.

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Yep, that works. That's an acceptable, if slightly more inconvenient solution.

Case closed.


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