Show a map scale on game display?

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It might be helpful to show a map scale on the screen that shows a unit of size, that changes its apparent size on the screen as one moves the zoom in and out.

at initial zoom: |----- 1.0 A -----|
zoom in: |---------- 1.0 A ----------|
zoom out: |-- 1.0 A --|

Or... keep the map scale the same size, and vary the measurement length as one zooms in and out.

at initial zoom: |----- 1.0 A -----|
zoom in: |----- 0.5 A -----|
zoom out: |----- 2.0 A -----|

The scale can be very small, and would easily fit near the upper left corner of the game display. It might also be moveable, like the recipe output window, to facilitate comparison to existing structure.

This would be useful to help us decide what length we want to make our bands, and to help us decide if the atoms of two sidechains are close enough together to attempt to make a hydrogen bond between them.

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Neat idea Boots! I'll make a note of this, thanks!


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