X-ray view for symmetry/network puzzles?

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I would like to be able to look at the "inside" of a protein when I am determining if I can make an H-bond network at that point. It's fairly easy to assess for possible networks when you are looking at the segments at the ends of a helix, but next to impossible for those in between; there is just too much stuff blocking the view!

We have a viewing option "X-ray tunnel for ligand" that does this for puzzles with a ligand buried deep inside a protein. Is it possible to activate such a view on other puzzles?

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It's not quite the same as the ligand x-ray tunnel, but you can adjust the clipping planes. To adjust the near clipping plane in Foldit, hold CTRL+ALT while you click-drag on the background.

I think if you click-drag upward, that will move the clipping plane away from you. You can use this to hide parts of the protein that are blocking your view. There should be more info about camera controls and clipping planes in the Help Menu.

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It's a bit awkward to do this, but the X-ray view for ligand puzzles always was awkward.

This solution met my needs on the last symmetry/network puzzle. I will continue to use it. Case closed.


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