Bug? Or imposter FolditIRCBot?

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When players chat on Discord, but post to the game chat, we see in game chat the Discord icon, followed by their player name. Either there is a bug in the Discord chat system, or someone is posting in the game using the name FolditIRCBot. There is no player by that name, so it may be someone creating that name in an outside IRC program like mIRC or Mibbit.

A bug in one of the chat systems? Or an imposter?

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FoldIRCBot is the creation of mad computer scientist devjosh. The "bot" in the name suggests FolditIRCBot is robotic by nature. This bot is tasked with transferring messages between Discord and IRC, and nothing else. A pre-Discord version of the bot also dispensed praise, such as when a player earned an achievement. That did not scale well when school groups hit the tutorials.

Without the current FolditIRCBot, there would be no message exchange between Discord and IRC. We would be forced to rely on the already overworked ferrets that run the Foldit scoreboards. They have poor typing skills and limited attention spans.

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Looks like F.I.B. is showing some ferret-like behavior, truncating a message from Formula350, which read in full:

Jakki often enough, the loops break ideality because of a backbone HBond either: 1) it is a necessary one but has disappeared 2) it isn't expected to be there but there is. In the first situation, changing to Stick Mode and using Bands between the two atoms that are expected to be bonding. (you kind of pick up on the ones needed after awhile, but if you can Undo to a point when it is still ideal and flip back and forth between when it no longer is ideal, it'll show up.) However, the 2nd situation is a bit harder to overcome and I haven't really sorted out a best way yet side from a Pusher-Band (length set to like 4x its "Use Current" value).

F.I.B. dropped the first 423 characters, right up to the second "between", and forget to mention the author.

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Hi Boots,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This appears to be a bug in the new feature where Discord messages from ignored users are also ignored. In the meantime, you may safely ignore any message from "FolditIRCBot." I will be looking into this as soon as possible.


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