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It would facilitate some explanations of bugs or suggestions (at least for non native English speakers).

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At the moment, I am using ImgBB, a free photo uploading program to accomplish this:

Here is what an upload would look like:

The ability to have in-line photos in the comments would be helpful as Bruno states, and not having to click a link as the ones shown above would be one less action to take.

(code below is to test if old-school HTML is visible)

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Nope... not all HTML is visible... or actionable.

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Image upload has been borken for a long time. See upload of in-line images with puzzles comments and other postings fails -- AWS issue? from 2016.

At the time, I thought it might have been an issue with how the Foldit website was configured for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The website has since moved back to the University of Washington, but this didn't fix anything.

Obviously, we still see images in blog posts and so on, but the tools available to ordinary users don't work.

We've been told a new Foldit website is in the works, but we still don't know when it will launch.

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Ah indeed, it's a bug. I'll close this post after some time.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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