'Outdated' is not a reason to close BUG reports.

Case number:699969-2010988
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Tuesday, December 29, 2020 - 14:28
Last modified:Saturday, January 2, 2021 - 03:04

I received a number of updates stating that my bug reports were closed with reason "outdated", by someone who is NOT a staff member of Foldit but a competing player.

1. "Outdated" is not a reason to close a BUG report. I would expect a member of Foldit staff to verify that a BUG report is examined and that the BUG in question is **RESOLVED**, which then is the reason why a report is closed.

2. Closing a bug report should only be done by those who actually FIX the bug, hence a member of Foldit staff, not a competing player.

Thank you.

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Right on, BP! I would add that it's appropriate to close your own feedback if you believe it's been answered to your satisfaction or if you wish to withdraw it from discussion.

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Thank you

Hi Bletchley and Boots--your feedback has been noted and passed along. Thank you for your feedback.

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My apologize, I closed (not deleted) feedbacks on Devprev older than 2013. Simply because the chance these feedbacks would be considered is very very low, and the chances a bug in devprev older than 2013 is very high.

We cannot blame a reporter to forget to close his/her bug report when the problem is solved. I only try to help cleaning the feedbacks.

If you feel it's stil relevant, it's very easy to open it again => it will appear first on the list.

Competing players are still members of the community, trying to help the community.

Thanks for reading.


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Thank you for clarifying Bruno, I accept your apologies.

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I think I need to offer an apology to Bruno and agcohn.

Back in the day (when I was a moderator), I started the "Great Purge of 2014", where I went through old feedbacks and closed those that were completed, as well as duplicates. I did not research them any more in depth, nor did I contact the authors of those feedbacks.

I propose that the moderators continue to review the feedbacks, to prune as necessary; but I ask that they first send the author a brief request to close them. If the player is no longer active or the player doesn't respond in a reasonable length of time, then let the moderator do as that moderator thinks best.

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Thank you!

Hey Boots--no need to apologize (at least not to me)--I greatly appreciate your feedback! I will pass this idea along and keep you posted!


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