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I've noticed that throughout the website there is a lot left on the table in terms of optimizations that could be made, especially in the blog/newsletter sections. Using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool I have found that almost all the pages do not pass the "Core Web Vitals Assessment", and score well below the average that would be considered a well optimized experience. Several pages score <= 20 out of a possible 100 and unfortunately user experience isn't grade on a curve.

Using the PageSpeed Insights tool I have noticed that a major contributor to the low scores are the images that are uploaded. None of them seem to be compressed in any way and they are uploaded as PNGs which have become a little outdated. From the insights tool, some pages took over 2 minutes to load all the images, which confirmed what I experienced where every time a new image was loaded, my page would adjust and I would lose my place on the blog/newsletter. For example, I took the image from and compressed it using my choice of image compression tools. The image in the link is ~15 MB, after compression the image is ~2 MB, an 86% decrease in size. If I'm correct in saying that no images are optimized, doing so a huge burden could be lifted from the website servers and user experience may be drastically improved when visiting certain pages.

I could go on and on about website optimizations but I will leave it up to Google as they can say it better than I can.

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Here are a few links I should have given in the post.

Google PageSpeed Insights :
Core Web Vitals :
My preferred Compression tool :

Also something I forgot to mention is the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) could help with serving images and such.

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Thank you!

Hi TurtleByte--thank you so much for your suggestions, we'll keep them in mind for our new website design!


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