Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're about to push an update to the developer preview with the following fixes and features:

* Page Up and Page Down keys can now be used to zoom the camera in and out.

* The ContactMS metric should no longer cause hangs in certain situations.
* The undo graph and 'bests' should now factor in metric scores.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixes for the tab key residue info window.
* Fixed a bug preventing puzzle names from being clickable.
* Fixed a bug where pressing undo (Ctrl+Z) on a recipe would delete all text.
* Re-added the ability to cut/copy everything using cut/copy shortcuts when no text is selected.
* Fixed a bug where news posts and puzzle descriptions were not selectable.
* Fixed a bug where typing forward delete (Fn+Delete) on Mac inserted an erroneous '('.
* Fixed a bug which caused little square boxes ("LSBs") to appear in recipes when pasting in text with Windows or Mac line endings.
* Fixed a bug which caused text copied from Foldit to have improper line endings for Windows and Mac.
* Fixed a bug causing some text to remain when deleting or cutting a text selection.
* Group chat is now profanity filtered by default
* Added an option to disable the group chat profanity filter
* Users ignored through Foldit's IRC are now also ignored on Foldit's Discord integration
* Fixed a bug causing the hiding importance slider to control packing importance instead of the packing importance slider
* Fixed multiple bugs where various options were not being saved
* Fixed a bug preventing HBond importance sliders from being clickable to reset
* Fixed a bug where the input boxes in the Behavior menu overlapped with the sliders above them
* Fixed a bug where pressing "Center Protein" on the Electron Density panel while a tool is running would cause a crash
* Fixed a bug in the Notifications tab that allowed players to View Puzzles while running a recipe, causing a crash
* Fixed a bug causing in-game notifications to display improperly
* Fixed a bug preventing chat moderators from posting links
* Fixed a bug which caused little square boxes ("LSBs") to appear in recipes when pasting in tab characters
* Fixed the description of Lua function IsRecipeBand which returns whether a band was modified by a recipe

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Hotfix 12/18

* Added Lua function dialog.SelectBands() to prompt the player to select bands, then returns a list of band indices
* Added Lua function dialog.SelectSegments() to prompt the player to select segments, then returns a list of segment indices
* Added Lua function structure.GetCuts() which returns a list of segment indices which have open cutpoints
* Added Lua function structure.GetHBonds() which returns a table of visible hydrogen bonds (Note that that the results of this function are dependent on the current view options). Each entry contains these fields:
- res1: segment index 1
- res2: segment index 2
- atom1: atom index 1
- atom2: atom index 2
- bond_type: 0 for hydrogen, 1 for disulfide
- width: length of bond, generally ranging from 0.25 (bad) to 0.75 (good)

Bug Fixes:
* Certain actions (for example, bands) should no longer re-score the pose when they don't need to.
* Using 'R' to select the reaction design tool should no longer remove bands.
* Removed lua script hooks for the non-functional Lua Tweak commands.
* Foldit's log file no longer shows chat history
* Fixed a bug allowing players on Discord to send arbitrary links
* Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze/hang when using Lua recipes related to getting/loading solutions
* Fixed a bug where moving an existing band when "Default band setting to last used" is checked would change the strength of the existing band
* Added chat message rate limiting for spam prevention

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Known Issues

- Chat message rate limiting may trigger erroneously. Restarting your client may (randomly) fix this behavior. Another hotfix is forthcoming.

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Thanks for the update

This update opens some new doors to us.
I have only explored a few of these doors
so far. Thank you for coding & sharing it.

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I mirror Jeff's sentiments!

[err, jeff101, that is lol]
But also a HUGE huge thankyou to any and all involved in preserving the GUI's "User Select" function!!!! I was genuinely worried that it'd be some new implementation that wasn't able to work anything like how GUI did. (Even with the bug Loci documented, since it still works as intended, I'm a happy camper!)

So take THAT, 2020! Some miracles CAN still happen... ^_^

Happy Holidays

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Hotfix 12/23

* Fixed a bug causing notifications to display incorrectly
* Fixed a bug that caused an error message to display about running a recipe when not actually running a recipe
* Fixed a bug that allowed certain chat buttons to be clicked when not visible

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