20201120-8f78be34c4-win_x86 Mouse button swap does not work

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In 20201120-8f78be34c4-win_x86 activating the checkbox in the configuration to swap the right mouse button with the middle does not work. Also not after exiting and restarting the client. I would expect the move command to now be active, as it has been, on the right nouse button and the zoom command in the middle mouse button. The actions however do not change.

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Okay, so you named *moving the object* with the right mouse button an action 'for camera ...', yes that works IF you enable the correct mouse key swap checkbox.

So: swapping the mouse buttons work if you want to move the object with the right mouse button, as long as you select the correct checkbox, which is 'for camera'. Confusing.

Changed to question so you can review my comment and close the bug report.

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Hi BP,

The object (protein) isn't what's actually moving, it's the camera. Panning is a camera control. Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.


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Thanks Josh, it is clear now, you may close the issue (or leave it as a clarification to others).


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