Devprev Electron Density Crash

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Opened on:Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 15:53
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While a script is running, clicking the "Center Protein On Density" button on the floating Density Menu results in an immediate client crash on Windows 10 running Developer Preview. The "Focus on Density" button operates normally.
Buttons should be greyed out if unavailable during scripts.

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Yes, this is known. It will occur when, probably, any tool is running. When I had came across it awhile back, I was encountering it while Wiggling. Whether or not that happens to be what your recipe was also doing would point to whether it's tools in general or Wiggle specific... You happen to remember?

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This is not occurring due to script commands. This occurs when the folder presses the buttons on the floating menu while a script is running. The Focus on Density command works when pressed during a running script. The Center protein button causes an immediate crash on Windows 10 when pressed. Any menu buttons that do not work when pressed by the user during a running script should be greyed out.
You should not allow a user to activate a button during a running script if it does not function.

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