Windows shortcuts don't work

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Opened on:Friday, November 13, 2020 - 12:05
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Ctrl +A (select all)
Ctrl + C (copy)
Crtl + v (paste)


Moreover, several in game shortcut defaults changed like:

ctrl + move => shift + move in order to move laterally the protein.
shift + move => zoom in order to move laterally the protein


It would be nice to keep as default what existed already before in main.

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shift + move => zoom instead of moving laterally the protein

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In terms of the standard CTRL+ commands, are you talking about Selection Interface (although, there's no Paste...) or are you talking about Text Input?
The shortcuts didn't change at all, but with the new improvements to User Interface. Copy and Cut function differently than before (CTRL+A for text input, if it ever worked, hasn't been needed in at least the 4 years I played).
Before, Copy and Cut automatically would perform a "Select All", and so all text in the input field would either be Cut or Copied to clipboard. Where as now, you need to manually highlight all text OR do CTRL+A first, then use +X or +C.

(Though, I admit, that if there was no text selected at the time of pressing CTRL+X or +C, if it would continue to use the 'old' way, that'd be rather handy, too! :D I do miss that, personally, made things just a little quicker lol)

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Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the feedback!

Can you add more detail to the issues you're experiencing with ctrl+A, ctrl+C, and ctrl+V on Windows?

To revert to the original Foldit controls, please go to General Options > Controls > Switch right/middle mouse for Camera.

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Ah I see my error using old habits. I should first use ctrl+ a now before to copy

However, a problem persists (no carriage return on screen recipe editor):

Open a recipe for editting
Ctrl + a (select all)
(ok all selected)
Ctrl + x (a popup says "cut")
but not everything disappears from screen.

Ctrl+ v
a non-conform text is pasted (no carriage return, the text is illisible)

Running the recipe: OK

Ctrl a ctrl C go to text editor: ctrl V => ok

Ctrl a ctrl C from text editor: ctrl V on new recipe => ok

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I'm seeing the same results for select all (ctrl + a), on Windows 10 with 20201109-553d4e12e9-win_x86-devprev. I get different results when I only select all or part of a recipe using click and drag.

In the Foldit recipe editor, when I select all (ctrl + a) then cut (ctrl + x), not everything disappears from the screen, as Bruno states.

When I paste the copied or cut text into another editor, there are no carriage return/line feeds or new lines, or any sort of line separator. The text is illegible. When I paste into the vim text editor, the recipe appears as one long line.

With select all, both copy and cut transfer the entire recipe, but both methods remove the line separators.

The new release also makes it possible to select all or part of the recipe using the mouse. In the Foldit recipe editor, left click and drag to make a partial selection.

For a partial selection with click and drag, cutting seems to remove the entire selection, with nothing left over. Selecting the entire recipe with click and drag, then cutting, leaves some text on the screen.

When copying or cutting a click and drag selection in Foldit, then pasting into another editor, you do get line separators. Unfortunately, they are just single carriage returns (0x0D). In vim, they show up as "^M". (It's possible to fix this in vim, see LSB on the wiki.)

Somewhat surprisingly, Windows Notepad handles the 0x0Ds intelligently, so the pasted text looks correct. When you save the results in Notepad, the resulting file has carriage return/line feed (0x0D0A) delimiters.

In the other direction, copying or cutting from an external editor and pasting into the Foldit editor seems to work correctly. As usual, there are little square boxes (LSB), but they don't affect the operation of the recipe.

The issues with carriage return/line feeds (0x0D0A) versus newlines (0x0A) as line delimiters is yet another case of Windows versus the rest of the world. It's been an irritation in Foldit for a long time. It would be nice if Foldit were as smart as Windows Notepad when it comes to these delimiters (and maybe tab characters, too).

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Issue #1: Select All and Cut does not actually "Cut" everything, despite visually being highlighted - SORT OF CONFIRMED
Why "sort of"? Well, the text in the Editor does not properly "cut" all the text, just as Bruno said, which I was able to reproduce. HOWEVER, what gets stored in the Clipboard is the entire recipe worth of text.. Which is odd for sure.

Issue #1b: This is not unique to "Cut", either. It also does this when you pres "DEL" or "BACKSPACE" after CTRL+A. Any subsequent CTRL+A on the REMAINING text, followed by Cut/Del/Backspace attempts, will fail to clear any additional text form the editor. The only thing a user can do from there is hold down Backspace or Del (depending on where the caret is) to get rid of that remaining text...

Issue #2: Copied/Cut text, when pasted back in, is completely unformatted (loss of Carriage Returns) - CONFIRMED

Possible Issue #3: Text Copied/Cut gets 'stored'(?), or at least output, in the Log.txt
Similar to an old QoL issue, too. However, that was quite different in nature since it was keeping track of text AS you typed it, so it was a curious progressive log entry, where as THIS issue seems to be simply displaying in the Log whatever has been stored in the Clipboard.
NOTE: This may not be a legitimate "bug", and just a side-effect of the increased Logging Verbosity that the devs have added to Foldit for the time being, to help with debugging on player's end.

(I'll also be adding these to the Bug Doc, Josh. I just wanted to catalog it here as well, for Bruno's/other player's reference.)

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Cut and paste issues aside, it's good to remember that the Foldit recipe editor offers file import and export for recipes.

To save a recipe to a file, open the Foldit recipe editor, then click on "Save As...", followed by "Export". You'll get a standard file open dialog, allowing you to pick a location and name the file. The ".lua" extension is not added automatically. It's a good idea to add ".lua" to the file name manually.

The recipe does not need to be saved in the cookbook before you export it to a file.

Import allows you read a recipe from a file. In the Foldit recipe editor, click "Load", then "Import". Again, you'll see a standard file open dialog. If you already have a recipe open in the Foldit editor, you'll be warned that the imported recipe will replace it. You can confirm or cancel at that point.

Importing a recipe from a file this way does not give the recipe a name or save it in the cookbook. The recipe is only in the editor until you name it or save it.

Importing a recipe always imports an entire recipe, replacing whatever was already in the Foldit editor. There's no way to import multiple files into a single recipe in the Foldit editor.

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