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Lexi Walls, whom we met in a recent Lab Update video, has a paper out in Cell today about a covid-19 vaccine candidate. The team attached pieces of the spike protein all over an icosahedral particle, making it look to the immune system like a virus - and got a much stronger antibody response than vaccines based on single spike pieces.

summary articles:


Abstract of the actual paper: Elicitation of potent neutralizing antibody responses by designed protein nanoparticle vaccines for SARS-CoV-2

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The vaccine candidates race

10 candidates are in phase III (testing on human). Pfizer/BioNTech/PhosunPharma claims 90% efficacity (not peer reviewed) and got EU contract for 200 000 000 doses:


Companies are already producing support material. First vaccine is supposed to be for april 2021.

The 10 candidates in phase III are based on following methods:

4 non-replicating viral vector
3 inactivated
1 protein subunit

If you want to test a vaccine on yourself, contacts are here (for US)

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Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this Susume !

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Great story in Scientific American

Here is a great story in Scientific American about the development of this vaccine candidate, as well as Covid Minibinders from IPD, and the changes DeepMind will bring to protein design: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/artificial-proteins-never-seen-in-the-natural-world-are-becoming-new-covid-vaccines-and-medicines/

My favorite quote: the article calls Institute for Protein Design "the Bell Labs of protein invention."


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