crash when switching puzzles from MERS to new Rosetta Decoy while running recipe

Case number:845829-2010675
Opened by:zo3xiaJonWeinberg
Opened on:Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 08:58
Last modified:Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 00:07
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Having trouble pasting and uploading log, I guess I needed to click Attach before Save.

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This must be a Mac-only issue, or a one-time-only fluke...
How exactly did you even manage to open the Puzzle Menu while a recipe/action was running?! lol

On the Windows client, with even the Recipe only being partially started and sitting on a Dialog Box, just about every single menu option gets disabled (grayed out) and can't be clicked on or accessed through their hotkey.
The only thing I'm unable to test right now, since I've closed them all earlier today, would be the New Puzzle "Notification" which has a button that takes you to the Puzzle Menu.

EDIT: Aaalrighty! Thanks to the latest Design of the Month puzzle that released today, and thanks to having the presence of mind to not dismiss it on the client I had a recipe running on... I managed to reproduce it! :D

I feel like what's happening is that the recipe's thread is still working in the background, and then when the puzzle finally loads in (but before the screen displays it), the recipe tries to continue doing its thing, except now those residues no longer match up in MULTIPLE different ways, causing the crash. (But per usual, I'm just speculating, basing this on the time that elapsed which was enough to download the files and load it.)

Now I'm curious what happens if you try to load the exact same puzzle that's being worked on by the recipe, if it's the default track of course, and whether it just hiccups but continues on or if it also crashes... Thankfully I can test, since I have other clients open with that Notification present! ;)

EDIT 2: Hmph. Turns out it will only permit you access the Puzzle Menu via the Notification window when the recipe is only performing certain actions... I didn't want to do anything complex with that puzzle, so I just ran a simple Residue-Cutter recipe, and that one gave the expected "You must stop your current action before trying to do that." error. One last client I can attempt it with... aaand... I had to take the dogs out, but when I returned both clients were frozen with solid white window contents and the inability to minimize. Very confusing, since there's nothing in the event logs. Oh well. I'll have to satisfy that switching-puzzles curiosity some other day!


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