DEVPREV; Clicking UNDO graph does not recalculate metrics

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Clicking in the UNDO graph does not automatically recalculate metrics.


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Personally, I would hope they wouldn't. Seems like unnecessary, excess processing to re-calc what had already been calculated, given nothing has changed with the Pose since it's just cycling through already established ones.

Unless you're saying that the pre-calculated values aren't even available as Cached results, when you Undo to one of those Poses?

Also, need to know which Puzzle you were referring to? ("[DEVPREV] 1904 with Metrics", "Coronavirus Binder Metrics Sandbox", or the standard 1904?)

Thanks :)

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Formula350, are you a member of Foldit staff or a developer ?

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Neither..... sort of.
I'm a Moderator (like Loci, Susume, MikeCassidy, and multiple others), and also the "Unofficially Official Lead of Quality Assurance" :P
Which translates to: I've been appointed by one of the Devs to catalog all of the Bug/Crash reports and Standardize them, so that the team can look into them faster. (I also keep track of Feature requests)

Here is what I create for each report, and is why I've asked all of that stuff:

?:Concise, Descriptive Title of Bug

Bug behavior:
Operating Systems affected: Windows 10 Pro v1607 (build 14393.447)
Players affected: Formula350
Facts Known / Repro Steps:

-----Repro Steps:

Unknown details about bug:
Stack trace or Error Message:

Not having those details, makes for a very 'vague' report, which in turn can take a lot more time just to figure out what went wrong (ie, what the player did to cause the problem). The stack trace in the Log files help, but the Debug.txt file contents would be of more help since its contents include further details. (like the tool that was used, puzzle it happened on, and the name of the recipe if one was running)

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Your status as 'Lead of Quality Assurance' has not been communicated officially to my knowledge. Maybe @bkoep can clarify this situation ?

There is no Debug.txt file.


Clicking in the UNDO graph does not automatically recalculate metrics."

The developers could try this on a puzzle where metrics are being calculated (Coronavirus Binder Metrics Sandbox in the Devprev series of puzzles for example) for all positions in the graph and communicate this back to us. You may then find better wording to describe the issue in your document.

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The "Unofficially Official" was in jest. I am not part of the Dev team, I am simply assisting them by hunting down problems with Foldit on my own, as well as collecting those from others and trying to reproduce them, all in an effort to save them time.

It was Josh who, somewhat jokingly, appointed me as their QA guy and then at a later date said I was their QA Lead. I just took that and ran with it, creating the title of being the "Unofficially Official Lead of QA", since technically I'm the one doing the QA stuff, but in an unofficial capacity.

The regular in-game and Discord chatters know to come to me with their bugs and crash reports, but I'm just doing it as a favor in an effort to expedite issues getting fixed, so that other new game features/improvements can then be rolled out quicker. (Case in point, yesterday's [Oct 28th] DevPrev update includes two new Behavior Option sliders!)

That being said, yes I cataloged all the quirks and issue with that Sandbox puzzle, but I'm not able to encounter the issue you were having...
Granted, I'm assuming that the issue here is that the Metrics are not displaying their value anymore and are blank (or perhaps even grayed out) when you've clicked on an Undo point? In which if that's the case, mine are indeed displaying their cached values when I use Undo, by either clicking on a point in the graph or using CTRL+Z.

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This problem also manifests itself in puzzle 1910 using the main client 20201019-e9d1e94d36-win_86

Changed devprev issue to Game: Pther as the bug is now part of the main client.


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