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Molecules and Cells
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Name: Molecules and Cells
Manager: AAleksiev
Type: Moderated
Formed: 10/16/20
Description: Module work group on protein strcuture


This is your 'Molecules and Cells' Foldit Group, where you will work through protein synthesis simulations.

You will be sent the URL for the group page and asked to click "Request Membership" once you have created and logged into your own Foldit account.

Please, when creating your account, make sure your login name follows this structure:

First-letter-of-your-first-name (e.g. A - for Antony) + dash (-) +(no spaces) Your surname (if it comprises more than one names, add them together without spaces)(e.g. Aleksiev) + dash (-) + (no spaces) M&C (for Molecules and Cells) + dash (-) + (no spaces)20-21 (for 2020-21 academic year) =

E.g. A-Aleksiev-MC-20-21

Once approved, you will be able to access the Foldit simulations (puzzles) that I would like you to do. Note, I will be able to check who has done which puzzles.

Note also the Community Rules. These determine the Foldit etiquette you must adhere to, and following them will be very important, especially when using global chat, as failing to follow the rules may result in a warning, or a ban from in extreme cases.

When added to the Group, and by the set deadline on our Blackboard module, you will be assigned to try and do puzzles from the following categories:

- Side chains
- Backbone packing
- Hydrogen bonds
- Hydrophobics and Hydrophilics
- Tools and Types
- Sequences
- Protein Design
- More Molecules

Thank you,



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Beginner Puzzle (<150): Coronavirus3912,154110/28/20


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