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Hello everybody,
for German public TV ZDF we are currently doing a 30min documentary on how gamification can help. Thus, fold it is the perfect example.
However, I am not sure, if the Coronavirus challenge is still up to date, since the last posts on this topic date from March 2020. Are you still working on it?
Since we cannot travel to the US to meet with the founders of fold it, we are looking for researchers/reviewers in Europe who we can interview on this challenge.
We'd highly appreciate if you can send me some names and contacts - also via my e-mail adress: cordys@web.de
Thanks a million

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still active...

Much like the coronavirus itself, Foldit coronavirus puzzles are still active.

Currently, there's a new coronavirus puzzle each week. One week, it's a "coronavirus binder design", inviting players to design a protein that binds to the coronavirus "spike". The next week, it's a "coronavirus anti-inflammatory design", where the goal is to design a protein that could calm the "cytokine storm" that sometimes follows a COVID-19 infection.

Each puzzle lasts a week. The most recent examples are:

The Foldit science team have been busy adding new features to the game to improve the results on this type of "binder" puzzle. The new binder metrics let players see how well their designed proteins match the target.

In addition to two types of binder puzzles, there was an earlier series of coronavirus "prediction" puzzles, for example 1820: Coronavirus ORF8 Prediction. These puzzles challenged players to find the three-dimensional structure of proteins the coronavirus can manufacture.


Developed by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Institute for Protein Design, Northeastern University, Vanderbilt University Meiler Lab, UC Davis
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