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Dear Devs,

below are two problems I´ve encoutered lately:

a) Due to some personal circumstances I was forced to play offline in the last couple of weeks where I created some (at least for me personally) interesting and time-consuming handfolds (namely on Puzzles 1849 – 1859). I do not have the time to recreate them on newer ones. So, is there any way to check for the new metrics on those old puzzles? Maybe some function to calculate it via a script or set up a new „special“ puzzle where you can load older save files?

b) Talking about save files: When saving files they get sorted by score which gets quite confusing after trying 3-4 or even more designs on one puzzle. Is it possible to integrate subfolders to the saved files folder in-game to handle new creations better?

Thanks for listening.

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I have the same issue...my

I have the same issue...my son created several solutions starting offline and I am trying to figure out a way to save them to his account so he does not loose that progress/time. looking forward to a response here.

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With regard to saved files:

With regard to saved files: an option to sort by date/time created would be most useful.

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WakeOwl and calderonr...

I let one of the Devs know about your dilemma (linked them here) to see if there's anything that can be done, and he said he would ask the team.

WakeOwl: I feel you on the older saves and wanting to load them into newer puzzles. ESPECIALLY now that we have the New Metrics to further our designs. I've been asking for that ability for a number of weeks now!

That being said, what I'd personally been asking for was those results to be able to get loaded into new and active puzzles (the ones on the week long timer)... But after thinking a bit more about it... I'm more in tune with how you feel here. If they could set up a puzzle that COULD load older designs, but that didn't produce any profile related points when it closes, and yet would still permit us to submit those refined designs... I think quite a lot of us would be content with that. I know I would be, you?

WakeOwl & calderonr & spvincent: Others have asked for the same sort of ability, to better sort the Saves and Shares lists. I've been helping the devs by collecting community requests and trying to get a "tally" of the various changes that people are interested. So I've added your 3 cumulative requests and 'votes' to the list. :)

You can view the current (growing) list by clicking >this link<. That document is only "viewable", not for public editing, so as it mentions at the top, if you have other requests or like suggestions by other people, please do send me a Message here on the site (via my profile) or @ me if you use the Foldit Discord chat!

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Learn, Understand, Improve

Thank you for responding and considering my suggestions.

I´m fine with either workaround since I am not in a position to say which one is easier: implement the new settings to older puzzles or squezzing older ones into the new „environment“.

One of the reasons I brought up these topics is the recently mentioned concern of players spending too much time on optimizing. Having the option of analyzing previous work (from weeks, months, years, whatever) would generate a large pool of intel for everyone in my opinion. Learning (what works?) -> understanding (why/why not) -> improving (designs, predictions, time management = organizing).

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Me too!

I would also like to see the ability to view save files in different orders. Sorting by name would be very useful to me since I create a lot of quick save files (symmetry puzzle h-net solutions).

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Other "Open/Share Solutions" Menu Ideas:

lists many other ideas for the
"Open/Share Solutions" Menu.


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