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LCB1 Coronavirus Spike Binder
Status: Closed


Name: LCB1 Coronavirus Spike Binder
Status: Closed
Created: 08/30/2020
Points: 0
Expired: 09/30/2020 - 23:00
Difficulty: Novice
Description: Note: This puzzle had some incorrect settings for Core Exists, Ideal Loops, and SS Design Objectives. It has been replaced with an updated LCB1 puzzle.

This is a non-competitive "sandbox" puzzle where you can explore a protein designed by IPD scientists. The starting structure is LCB1, a designed protein that binds to the coronavirus spike protein to block viral infection. This design was just one of millions of proteins designed by researchers. It was chosen for testing because it has excellent binder metrics. Lab tests have shown that this binder can potently inhibit viral infection in a test tube, but further tests are needed to determine safety and efficacy in animals.

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It starts with very bad score and filter passings. Actually, it(s the target that is scoring bad filters.
What do you mean by a "promizing design by scintists"? Is it the secondary sructure? the primary structure ? the position on the binding site ?

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Just in case...

Here's the link tot he pre-print paper on LCB1 and LCB3. It's all greek to me, but perhaps it'll assist those of you with more BioChem knowledge in determining the answer to that question. :)

(99% certain this is the same paper that was linked to in the latest blog post, which that post also provides a bit of info on LCB1, so reading the entire publication may not be needed?)

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Below is the blog post about this puzzle's protein
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Indeed... we're sure there are questions

We'll discuss this puzzle, the blogpost, and these binder designs in general, at the next Foldit Office Hours (some time next week):

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