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I'd like to have my students use FoldIt to explore protein structure. I thought we wanted FoldItEdu, but I don't seem to be able to access the novice science challenges with the Edu version, although the non-Edu version shows them.

Am I missing a setting on the Edu version? Or something I need to do to unlock them?


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Not compatible

Hi CatSari,

Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately for the time being, Edu mode is incompatible with our normal science puzzles. You'll need to use a normal version of the game to access novice science challenges. We hope to integrate both versions later in development. However, there is a way to switch back and forth between versions: in the Foldit/options.txt file, there is a line, either:

"update_group" : "education"
"update_group" : "main"

simply change between "main" and "education" to set your version to Edu/regular. (Change and save this file before opening the game for the update to take effect.)

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Apologies for the extra step, CatSari

Indeed we hope to have this functionality in as soon as possible, but we sped up our release of this independent FolditEdu version once the pandemic hit (and it became clear that students across the world needed more remote learning options).


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