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Opened on:Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 12:21
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I cannot say when I first noticed this but View Options selected do not match the View Options displayed. For example, I will open a puzzle to see "Show bonds (sheets)" is not selected yet the Puzzle I've opened displays bonds between sheets. To get rid of them I must select "Show Bonds (sheets)" and then deselect the same option.

This is true for most display options I have seen.


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This glitch appears when show Buried Unsats is selected under objectives. It shows up not only for Show Bonds(sheets), but also for many of the other show/hide options under View Options, including helices, loops, and bondable atoms.

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Agreed. Started a few days ago, using devprev

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Thanks for the feedback! This seems related to a known issue with the BUNS Objective. If you click the "Show" checkbox for the BUNS Objective, this may change some view settings without reflecting those changes in the View Options panel.

We are working on a fix so that the BUNS Objective plays nicely with the View Options.


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