A log of 170 Go !

Case number:699969-2010088
Opened by:Bruno Kestemont
Opened on:Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 05:56
Last modified:Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 12:06

My C drive was full because of this !

on Windows


version: 1
"backtrace" : " 1: no symbol (no line)\n 2: no symbol (no line)\n 3: no symbol (no line)\n 4: no symbol (no line)\n 5: no symbol (no line)\n 6: no symbol (no line)\n 7: no symbol (no line)\n 8: no symbol (no line)\n 9: no symbol (no line)\n"
"build_id" : "20200625-6f685ae5d0-win_x86"
"crash_id" : "5a62c4eb-fbd7-4ef6-af16-482e71f2d6db"
"current_actions" : "MacroScriptRunnerAction\,ActionLocalMinimize"
"current_tool" : "Pull Mode"
"file" : "interactive/util/Thread.cc:300"
"machine_id" : "6d5108b9-fc6d-4e3f-85ef-80f84614c9de"
"macro_id" : "0"
"message" : "Unhandled exception: Can't start thread: °NÌÙ"
"player_id" : "447652"
"puzzle_id" : "2010041"
"puzzle_running_time" : "14015"
"running_time" : "127577"
"timestamp" : "1596057074"
verify: 115a8672ed1a0ef41a352b804979fd36

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Wow, that's a big log file! There are several different problems contributing to excessive log messages, and I think the next release will have a fixes for a couple of these, which should help.

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Record 276 Go log (3 clients crashed).

Version (updated): 13b4a7177bdfe0751a5380d1a24dc136
on Windows 7.

Version database: 79ebb0c96fcc1973fc3f9f37c0e14705
Version ressources: 76dfb4c1b3dd003d6606314b7ecd98dc

This happens when the clients are on the same puzzle. Here 1870 trimer.

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Thanks Bruno. Is this a devprev client or the main client? Can you post the build ID?

(Sorry, I can't tell the build ID from these version numbers.)

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A log of 332 Gb (disk full error)

Windows 7, MAIN






It happens when I run several clients on the same puzzle, using Lua command saving and loading from disk. This provoques freezes of almost all clients.

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Very long lists of "spaces" seem to be the main cause of inflating logs. See:


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Record equalized: 335 Mb, disk full. (on up to date devpev).
This happens when at least one client is on Medium wiggle power on end game (may be when I use the lua command save to disk in recipes). Here I had 2 clients on devprev. I think the recipe Constructor was used (it does a lot of different thinks => unable to know what action provoqued such a long log).


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