Can't load recipes on to new laptop.

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I now have a laptop I can use to play, when I'm traveling, or as an additional client when at home. The new machine has none of my recipes loaded in the game. When I try to load the recipes on to the laptop that I have on my desktop, I get an error message on my *desktop* telling me I already have the recipe loaded. It does not appear on my laptop. Worse, when I try to load a recipe on to my laptop that I don't have on my desktop, the recipe loads to my desktop, and not on to my laptop.

How do I get recipes to load on the new machine? How do I synchronize recipes across machines?

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OK... I got the answer in #Veteran: copy the all.macro file from the old machine to the new one. I'll have to do that every time I upload a new recipe... unless someone can advise how to keep the all.macro files in sync.


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