BUG: More Building blocks/Blueprint Panel

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BUG: More Building blocks/Blueprint Panel
> Building Blocks Interface >
The individual nucleotide codes will not move out of the Blueprint window upon clicking, double clicking, click and drag, etc. (i.e., I cant drag them out. Therefore, I cannot achieve necessary points to complete task).

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Thank you for the information--I have notified the team.

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Can you clarify the issue? The BuildingBlocks will only change the backbone shape of your protein (represented as red, blue, and green ABEGO colors). Building Blocks will not change amino acid (the letters A, C, D, etc.). To change the amino acid type, you will have to use the Mutate tool.

For more details about the Blueprint panel, see here and here.

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Check out the help for the Hello Blueprint intro puzzle on the wiki.

As the image on that page shows, the trick is to drag the "stereotype" from the left of the building block image over to the sequence in the blueprint panel, then drop it at the desired spot. You can't do anything with the image of the building block except rotate it and zoom in and out.

There's also a video showing the technique.


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