20200625-6f685ae5d0-win_x86 Scoring anomaly versus 20200409-d067627d3b-win_x86

Case number:671071-2009899
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Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 17:38
Last modified:Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 05:32

A solution for puzzle 1856 created in main 20200409-d067627d3b-win_x86, with score 13632, loaded in 20200625-6f685ae5d0-win_x86 immediately only scores 13384.
Solution BPSOLOSCORING shared with scientists.

Conversely, solutions created in the newer version instantly score higher (and evo) in the older main. This might be seen as a loophole, hoever I would recommend to use the old stable main anyhow.

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Difference may be in the determination and subsequent scoring of number of BUNS.

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Yes, the June update modifies the BUNS objective slightly. The score difference is intentional, but we should have changed the puzzle versioning so that old clients cannot play the new BUNS puzzles.

Sorry about the oversight!

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Thank you for clarifying, much appreciated. I would reckon it is wise to only use the latest version in order to have the results included, rather than using the older main.


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