Remix not remixing penult segment.

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Opened on:Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 20:01
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We all know that Remix is not remixing protein endings.
The reason for that are the angles of amino acid connection. First residue has no any AA before itself, so no angle, and no solution on Remix on the 1st residue.
Same problem is for the last protein residue for the same reason.

But next one, the 2nd residue is pretty able to be remixed, because it has all the angles with both neighborhoods.

And here is the problem: Remix tool gives no solutions when penult protein residue is selected. And there is just no good reason for that. If 2nd residue could be remixed, penult residue has to be either.
I consider that a bug of the algorithm or its implementation.

Does Rosetta loophash has the same problem?

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Hi Serca! Thank you for pointing out this concern--I have passed this along to our team.

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The reason for that could be the misinterpretation of the two zero angle records in the Remix backbone.db in the end of each protein.


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