Collaboraton with Laboratory of Molecular Immunology?

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Could FoldIt be partners with laboratory studying antibodies-therapies for Sars-CoV-2?

Hi guys,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the game, and on the initiave of using it for trying to find treatments for COVID-19!

I don't know if this suggestion is too out there, but I have read recently about Michel Nussenzweig study of antibodies-therapies for the Sars-Cov-2 Coronavirus. In a nutshell, and according to the website of the Rockefeller University:

"Nussenzweig’s research aims to understand the rules that govern hypermutation and high affinity antibody selection, with the goal of creating vaccines for pathogens such as HIV-1. As part of that effort his laboratory has devised strategies to isolate, analyze, and produce highly potent human antibodies capable of neutralizing multiple HIV strains. (...) In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Nussenzweig has extended this research to SARS-CoV-2 and is working to isolate and characterize highly potent neutralizing antibodies from patients who have recovered from the disease."

Again, I don't know if it's too out there, but I was wondering: would there be any possibility of establishing a partnership with them to develop those therapies (assuming, of course, that you aren't partners already)?

Anyway, sorry for bothering you guys with this, and, once again, congratulations on the game and on the initiative!

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We are generally open to collaborations, but I’m not sure Foldit has much to offer in that line of research.

Such neutralizing antibodies are a promising option for COVID-19 treatment. But computational modeling (like with Foldit) is not necessary to develop antibody therapies.


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