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It would be nice to have an option to toggle segment numbers. When a protein is started just have each little piece numbered 0,1,2,3... and so on. Then, have options to maybe label only evens/odds, every third, every 4th, etc.

Sometimes I'm trying to cut every N segment and it's a little time consuming rotating the screen while I count a tangle of things.

*Along with my snap-to-grid request...

*Maybe a way to select multiple shapes

*cut every N segments

*tie bands together (when things are off-screen and you're having to shuffle a band more and more to get it to the actual connection point. It may be helpful to start a band on each end and tie them together)

*select every N segment. Or control-right click multiple to then do a bulk action such as freeze.

I do like that the program manipulates things so free-form but there are some efficiencies in following a grid pattern and in bulk. And if you were trying to eventually manufacture a thing, organizing things in basic, geometric shapes may actually be an ideal solution for large-scale manufacturing of something.

I'm just rambling out loud but maybe some of these are practical ideas.

Is how we use the program how things are pulled and prodded when drugs are manufactured on a large scale? I don't know how proteins are manufactured, if the number of steps taken to put a protein into a specific shape matter or what.

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If you put the pointer over a

If you put the pointer over a segment it will show you the segment number and score details for that segment. As far as the rest some are available through scripting, others may not be practical

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If you put the pointer over a

If you put the pointer over a segment, and press the Tab button, that should read

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Notes Mode

When the Segment Information window opens you can write the segment number (or anything else) in its "Notes:" place at the bottom. Then when you click on "Modes" and choose "Note Mode" your note will appear with an arrow to that segment. It's easier to see if "Dark background" is UN-checked in View.

By the way that might be a nice way to re-locate those pesky red and blue BUNS indicators in 1837: Coronavirus Binder Design: Round 9.


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