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Case number:845829-2009623
Opened by:Fuad Agaev
Opened on:Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 08:40
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Name: TestGUI
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Created on: Wed, 05/06/2020 - 00:26
Updated on: Wed, 05/06/2020 - 08:34

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I've been running 3 clients on a Mac for over a month non-stop with no problem. Today I updated all three and each has crash after about 15 minutes when they are running different recipes. After some investigation I found that my boot volume was almost full. I looked at the file size of the 3 clients I was running and each had grown to over 20 gb each. Looking in the Package content I found that the log.txt file size was taking up most of that space. I delete the log.txt files and relaunched one of the clients and started a recipe and found that the log.txt file was growing at about 1 gb every 6 minutes.

here is an example of what is spewing into the log.txt file - maybe some extra logging was left on in this release:

Mirrored relative to coordinates in ResidueType: FALSE
, 6 and Residue 78: LEU (LEU, L):
Base: LEU
Variant types:
Main-chain atoms: N CA C
Backbone atoms: N CA C O H HA
Side-chain atoms: CB CG CD1 CD2 1HB 2HB HG 1HD1 2HD1 3HD1 1HD2 2HD2 3HD2
Atom Coordinates:
N : -13.4154, -2.03074, -5.52496
CA : -14.4011, -1.72286, -6.5542
C : -14.5098, -0.230643, -6.84023
O : -13.9514, 0.59556, -6.11843
CB : -15.7995, -2.2325, -6.18356
CG : -15.9693, -3.74425, -5.98599
CD1: -17.4227, -4.00648, -5.6151
CD2: -15.5646, -4.45256, -7.27021
H : -13.7392, -2.04163, -4.56835
HA : -14.0932, -2.21751, -7.47475
1HB : -16.0992, -1.7518, -5.25372
2HB : -16.4975, -1.93707, -6.96678
HG : -15.338, -4.08542, -5.1651
1HD1: -17.6028, -5.07056, -5.46151
2HD1: -17.6607, -3.47531, -4.69342
3HD1: -18.0666, -3.65411, -6.42007
1HD2: -15.6759, -5.53116, -7.15468
2HD2: -16.2002, -4.11289, -8.08821
3HD2: -14.5236, -4.22052, -7.49559

this has caused me to not be able to work on puzzles because me boot volume fills up in less than 30 minutes.

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Thank you so much for reporting this!
We believe we've found the issue and will post a fix soon.
Thanks again.

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The hotfix should be live now. Please try updating your client!

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The original post described a problem with the GUI recipe Test GUI. This may be different than the problem g_b is reporting.

The "by stride" option in GUI recipes has been broken for a while now. This problem prevents many GUI recipes from working properly. The problem should not cause a crash, however.

The feedback "by stride" in GUI recipes not working describes the issue.

I'm on Windows, running build 20200409-d067627d3b-win_x86-devprev. "Test GUI" is running normally, and I don't see any unusual growth in the log.txt file or other signs of problems.

Please let us know your platform and build. The build id is found in General Options (control + t), where the "Copy" button copies the build id to the clipboard, allowing it to be pasted in here.

Also, please attach the file log.txt to a reply to this feedback. (One problem with feedbacks is that file can only be attached to replies, not to the original post.)

In general, recipes written in Lua are much more effective than GUI recipes. Lua recipes have the "if" statement and other important features. For example, I notice that "Test GUI" is trying to mutate on puzzle 1833, which has no mutable segments. A Lua recipe can detect this and avoid trying to mutate.

See Blue Fuse 2020 for an example of a relatively simple, but useful, Lua recipe.

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This seems to be happening to me frequently too. I tried running a Mutate, Shake, Local wiggle, wiggle, mutate, shake, wiggle recipe and it gets to the local wiggle runs for a few minutes and the crashes.


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