Foldit Lab Report #8: Check the Fridge

The COVID-19 lockdown continues -- but we have new updates and new puzzles anyway. Watch our latest lab report for more!

• Coronavirus binder testing has been delayed (0:25)

• Aflatoxin enzymes need re-looping (1:01)
• Coronavirus protein prediction -- can you fold them all? (1:56)
• Coronavirus spike binders -- optimize 'em (2:45)
• Can protein design create a COVID-19 treatment? (3:32)
-- Controlling the cytokine storm:

• Always check the fridge, because it might contain CRYSTALS (3:57)

• Player Bruno Kestemont created a promising anti-inflamatory protein (5:06)

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Surprise crystals

I love surprise crystals. Is that the real diffraction in the video? It looks like it diffracts to very nice resolution. What are the plans for publishing and depositing the structure.

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No, unfortunately that is not the diffraction for this protein (sorry!). That footage comes from an educational video by The Royal Institution:

In fact, our test tube crystals did not diffract that well, but we were able to optimize the conditions and get diffraction to 1.83 Å.

The structure has already been deposited in the PDB here!

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WTG fiendish_ghoul and Bruno!

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design sharing

How do you share/submit a design you believe is viable?

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Here you go!
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Hi SurferSleuth--I have passed your question on to the team! Thank you!

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So no tests of protein design of ?

Man its really sux, that you unable to test all those protein designs, when you thing to release new statement about testing stuff ?

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