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What updates do you want to see to the game? Vote here for what new features we should work on!


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Other Foldit surveys haven't needed a Google account

Can you make this survey like other Foldit surveys have been
so that we don't need a Google account to complete the survey?

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limiting 1 response

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, that's the only way I can 'guarantee' a limit of 1 response per player. I could have instead asked you to write in your Foldit username to guarantee uniqueness, but I didn't want to be able to link responses to individual players. Feel free to PM me what you personally would like to see as new features, and I will count it in the tally.

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I think it should be two words - Fixing crashes, if that counts

This is a considerably heavy con if there was a weighing scale of pros and cons. It contributes a lot to the negative and crude effect of Foldit.

You can work on other things such as improving the game UI itself, but people would always be enraged by these crashes and leave anyways So, I think that this is a distinctive first priority that you should accomplish immediately.

For example, in user QUANTUMVIXIONS's case, after the Foldit client crashed, a dialog popped up for her to reinstall Foldit, and then she lost all of her local data and proteins, and couldn't restore from the Foldit servers. This is very flawed and contradictory, and it illustrates how enraging it could be to crush something that someone put hard work into.

Plus the Foldit crashes on its own internal recipes, which shouldn't happen of course. wboler's client kept crashing due to the large amount of bands produced in the recipe.

Also, please shorten all embedded scripts in the client that take "too long to run" (i.e. especially cancelling the mutate action) according to the pop-up dialog window when Foldit is "not responding". This makes Foldit crash. At least have constraints to them.

Sure, you can have crashes not occuring often on a good enough computer. But not everyone has good computers (Skippysk8s). Plus they are expensive.

Overall, it's like you have to pay a price to have a convenient Foldit client, either its for the new computer or to live through all those crashes, or your local data when a dialog box pops up asking you to reinstall Foldit. These are the three main things that are should be solved. That is my vote if this qualifies as a sort of "new feature".

If the above is not a sort of new feature, then you should add an auto-translator. This is a pro that would greatly outweigh the crashing con as crashes don't occur that often, and people from different countries don't experience them too. That is my "next first" priority.

Most of the time the people who talk in the Global chat are speaking English. A moderator said "Please please speak English" and that is one of the baddest things I have heard.

The point is that this disconnection via language barriers is a huge con as well. The main viable way, using Google Translate software, is third-party, plus people have privacy concerns. So, you should have a wholly native Foldit translate that automatically translates foreign languages into a set language that is modifiable in General Options. It's simply find and replace as far as I know of.

Especially, I have a list of the most common Foldit words used for this, and it is useful. There are 1823 of them in total, but you can leave out the lesser known ones, as they are unlikely to be used. Please reply or send a PM if you want to know what they are, and I will send a txt file with the words.

So, you should have an auto-translator too.

For more details about the auto-translator please refer to https://fold.it/portal/node/2009271 please. Thank you for reading through my reply. I strongly want both of the features to be resolved, and combined, implementing the solutions to these two problems would be enough to earn one more star on a 10-star scale.

For consideration (So other people know that they can vote on this topic too, I am not voting on the topic below)

I would also like you to consider a topic of a lesser priority but this is going to be a huge con in the future if Foldit gets more popular, almost as much as the language barriers con.

The advertising and scamming bots. I don't want to make my vote difficult to understand, so simply, I have a solution to this problem that is convenient. For more details, please refer to https://fold.it/portal/node/2009464 .

Ok, thank you so much for reading through this and I appreciate it. The inaccuracy of the actions all have viable workarounds, but these three issues have very unconvenient and unpleasant workarounds.

From, donuts554 (In summary, fixing crashes is my intended vote, but if fixing crashes is not a "new feature", then I vote for an auto-translator. Consider solving(technically, preventing) the problem of the advertising bots in the forums.)


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