Blueprint view improvement (separator and amino acid correspondance)

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Opened on:Sunday, April 26, 2020 - 19:49
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In design puzzles, we have often multiple proteins (one we can edit, and one we can't for exemple).

In blueprint menu, there is no separator between the multiple proteins. Maybe an empty space or a line can be better :).

When we click in one amino acid in blueprint menu, i want to know where it is in 3d view.
Maybe a selection ui appear in 3d view when i select it in blueprint menu, or maybe a camera move on 3d amino acid when i double click on blueprint menu amino acid, can be good :)

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Hi nspc--I have passed your question along to the team. Thank you!

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In the blueprint window, if you uncheck ABEGO colors, the locked part will turn gray and the unlocked part will stay colored. This lets you see where one ends and the other begins. Also, in selection interface (under menu) you can click a letter in the unlocked part of blueprint and it will light up on the protein.

Still, it would be nice to be able to select (highlight) a letter even in the locked part and see it light up on the protein.

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This is from the perspective of using the selection interface. I quite like the ability to select individual residues as well as drag select a range of residues from the blueprint window. It's so useful, that I often find myself trying to Ctrl + Click on residues in the blueprint window to add them to the selection, but alas, this doesn't work.
It would be great if control clicking on a residue in the blueprint window would add it to the selection along with click and drag while holding the control key would add another sequence of residues to the selection.

Also, implementing the original poster's request might be doable if the Q command (re-center on residue that mouse if hovering over) noticed that the mouse was actually in the blueprint window and would use the residue being hovered over in that window instead.

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I like Jumper2's idea. I also think it would be good to have the 
selections on the 3d view of the protein match the ones shown on 
the Blueprint Tool, even if the residues selected are not all
contiguous. Thus, if a user used click, then shift-click, then
several ctrl-clicks to select segments 5-10 13 15-16 19 on the
3d view of the protein, these same segments would be selected
in the Blueprint Tool as well. It would also be good if a user
could make the same selections by clicking on residues in the
Blueprint Tool instead of the protein, and these selections 
would appear both on the Blueprint Tool and on the protein.

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