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Basically, the essence of the cell is to obtain nutrients. According to the concept, the cage is no different from a vacuum cleaner.

One of the functions of proteins is the capture of substances, as well as their delivery. The other day, it’s not at all accidental for me, I got a picture of a portable vacuum cleaner, with a dust collector without a filter (such vacuum cleaners can draw in dust, without the risk of a motor clogging) and also do not have filters. They are based on a cyclone.

Here is the external mechanical structure. Very similar to the structure of proteins, when one protein in a circle


Very similar to hemoglobin structure

Hemoglobin is a complex iron-containing protein of animals with blood circulation, capable of reversibly binding to oxygen, ensuring its transfer to tissues.


Here is the structure of hemoglobin. Very much like a vacuum cleaner, and cyclone technology, and suction technology without filters.


Cyclone technology is used for degassing. (extraction of oxygen from water)
Perhaps proteins have the same mechanics as chemical principles should have the technical basis of a cyclone?
This is my assumption, and the rosette should know this, as well as check or refute the theory, based on the structure of cyclone vacuum cleaners without a filter.



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