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Hi fold.it community,

I am a teacher who is introducing this programme to high school students - sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't see a search function for the forum!

A requirement of my school is that the global chat is DISABLED for all pupils - is there a way for me to do that remotely if they are all in the same group?

I have read the instructor page carefully and it says that this is an option, but does not explain how to do it. I have seen on the student page where it says 'if you can't see chat it means your instructor has disabled it', but again I don't know where!

I have seen in the 'general options' tab on the programme when I am signed in where it says 'disable non-group chat', but does this disable for only me or for my students as well, even though they have different usernames?

Must I ask each student to disable individually and trust that they will do this?


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setting under General Options, control + t

Yes, unfortunately perhaps, the setting is "Disable non-group chat", under General Options, which is accessible via control + t or under Menu in the tool bar across the bottom of the Foldit screen.

There's no way to change this setting remotely or prevent users from changing it, as far as I know.

I guess the use case for that feature was shared computers in a classroom setting. Seems a little dated now.

On the other hand, sounds like your school's policy predates the proliferation of screens and social media platforms.

Foldit global chat is relatively benign. There are moderators who can step in when things get out of hand. Only links to the fold.it website or the Foldit wiki are clickable.

In terms of search, there's a search box on the front page of fold.it, and also on some other pages, but not necessarily where you'd expect it. It's really just a Google search. Adding "site:fold.it" to a regular Google search has the same effect.

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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for confirming that, and that the moderators are on it. I guess the school will just need to accept that any student willing to volunteer to go through 38 practice puzzles and learn about biochemistry probably will not be misusing global chat. I can ask them to turn it off, scouts honour!

Thanks again!


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