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I can log in with my username and password in the browser as normal, but the game always says username or password incorrect, although I enter it exactly the same

I finally got in, but to achive this i had to change my password, because the specials letters like ä,ö,ü causes this problem.

Now i have a new Problem:
My already solved Puzzles in offline Mode is not updating in online Mode, so it seems like i have to solve all puzzles again. Can someone help me on this pls?

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You may be out of luck on the intro puzzles

If you played the intro puzzles in offline mode, I don't think there's a way to get credit for it in online mode.

You do receive various achievement badges for completing the intro puzzles, but aside from that, it's not required. (Strongly recommended, however.)

To get to the science puzzles from the intro puzzles, open the Puzzles menu with control + p, or click "Puzzle Menu" under Menu. Then click "Main Menu", then "Science Puzzles".

I'm not sure if the game keeps nagging you about the intro puzzles when you restart. Normally, it asks if you want to continue in the last science puzzle you were working on.


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