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Foldit kept freezing and crashing. I noticed it happened after I added a recipe and then again when I was running an recipe that banded 2 pairs at a time and when it got to 88 it froze. I could not end application or process or X out the window. I had to hard reboot my computer. When I logged back it said that "The game has previously not started correctly. If this problem persists, please install the latest version", and then two applications began one was frozen the other trying to load. So I had to reboot again. I uninstalled and reinstalled, then I find out I lost all of my score is still showing up as it was before the freeze/crash but my designs and progress is lost to me.

I had been saving progress and naming my puzzles by my new score, but those are now gone when I reinstalled. :( Why would Foldit tell me to reinstall and then make me lose my progress>!!?My score was 13428 in the Coronavirus beginner puzzle and 9303 in the OFR8 prediction puzzle...But now I don't have my work on those puzzles anymore :( I am very discouraged that I lost my progress....Unfortunately, I have been working on these puzzles for almost 20 days with my daughter while in isolation. We have spent a lot of time working on these solutions together and spent many many days running recipes. We then find out we have lost all this progress is more than upsetting for an adult, and crushing for a teenager who worked hard for nothing. Absolutely no gamer or scientist would work tirelessly days on end in a lab that kept losing their work! As a player one would think that Foldit would have a backup copy in case of a crash. Sigh....I had been recommending FOLDIT to all my fellow educators and friends to join and play....I do not recommend wasting time and energy working for months on solutions that FOLDIT can't back up due to apparent consistent freezes and bugs in the recipes.

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I am very sorry for your unfortunate event.

First of all, please do not repeat the same feedback twice. The developers will look into each suggestion and also you can say that this is also a devprev issue here too in the description box.

May you tell us what version your computer is for the crash? For example, Windows 7, Mac 10.12, etc. Thanks!

Also, all Foldit solutions are automatically updated and sent and stored in Foldit servers for scientists to see. I'm sure the developers can retrieve the protein that you had made. Press the keys CTRL+B to restore your best solution, and I hope that truly works.

You should try to check the feedback for crashes and issues like these first before reinstalling. Other people have done the same thing and have experienced the same issue. I know it doesn't sound obvious at first sight, and the Foldit players should have emphasized on this, but it is worthwhile to check first. Sorry for the late notice.

Remember, I do not think you have completely lost your progress, and it can still be restored back. Rest assured, your protein will be restored.


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