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According to some posts about poor translation of app such this https://fold.it/portal/node/991881#comment-37622 and possible convenience of using of Fold.it in another languages, there might be necessity to organize translation by the best way.
I am not advertiser. I just want to consider some online public and free crowdsourcing tools to translate Fold.it.
They are: https://www.oneskyapp.com/how-it-works/translation-management-platform/, https://crowdin.com/page/open-source-project-setup-request
Let's take a short brief of pros and cons and make a decision.
From my side, I can help to organize it by the best way to give other users such opportunity

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Chinese translation

yes, foldit chatbox doesn't support Chinese text and there isn't even a Pinyin (Romanization of Chinese) translation of the game. considering that Chinese is the world's #1 language and that China has the most experience dealing with COVID19 at least adding a Pinyin translation (if not upgrading from UTF-8 encoding to UTF-16) is perhaps necessary.


I myself am not much better than a dictionary or translator plus an online character to Pinyin converter but I do know the word protein is 蛋白 (danbai).

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Thanks, @zo3xia for your

Thanks, @zo3xia for your advice. Yeah, the work should be started from the most important languages.
I can configure one of suggested tools above.
And I need to know next things to start it :
1. I need to have text strings of all English words used in the Fold.it app
2. I need to find as many as possible people who know very well both languages: English and Chinese
3. I need to have contacts from the Fold.it staff who will be joined into this work from their side.

If you know some answers please write me asap.

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And it will be very helpful

And it will be very helpful to see an opinion from the Fold.it staff. May be I'm wrong and this project to translate is excess or I need to do it in another way

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Info on translating foldit

Here is some information from the wiki on translating foldit - I do not know if it is out of date:

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Hi usmanovbf, how are you? I

Hi usmanovbf, how are you?

I have translated Foldit to Portuguese (Brazil), tested locally and working 100%, but I have problems on uploading the po file to Foldit site (I have registered the issue on https://fold.it/portal/node/2009334). If anyone can help, It will be very aprecciated.



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updated wiki page

The Translating Foldit page on the wiki has been updated.

The existing process outlined on the page still works. It's based on the gettext format.

Basically, there's a template file, foldit.pot, which contains all the messages to be translated. Software like Poedit can make the process a little easier, but any editor which supports UTF-8 could be used.

The foldit.pot file contains pairs of "msgid" and "msgstr" keywords. The idea to translate the value of "msgid", and put the result in the value of "msgstr".

The are some special values derived from the C language, like "\n" for newline, and the placeholders "%s" for a character string, and "%d" for a number.

The result is file with the .po extension, such as foldit.ru.po for the Russian translation. The .po file can be uploaded to the Foldit website. There's also a process for testing a translation, but some further research is needed on that.

There are over 850 messages in the current foldit.pot, but they are pretty repetitive. Words like "sheet", "helix", "bond", "band", and so on appear in many messages.

The crowdsourcing idea sounds great, but we'd probably need to figure out a way to graft it on to the existing translation process.

Also, there seem to be some underlying issues blocking translations for Chinese and other non-European languages. Fixing these issues would require changes to Foldit itself, but evidently these changes aren't easy. Unfortunately, the game is not open source, although many have suggested it should be. So it's doubtful that these problems will get fixed anytime soon.

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more updates

The new wiki page Portuguese translation describes how to install socramdm's new Brazilian Portuguese translation.

The system for uploading new translations isn't working at the moment, but a new translation can still be shared outside of Foldit and then installed into the game. The process works for socramdm's translation.

The Foldit Translations page on the wiki has also be revised. The two lists of languages from that page have been moved to the new List of translations page.

The Set language wiki page has the list of languages that are already available in Foldit, plus a description of how to change languages.

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Hebrew translation and

Hebrew translation and language name is backwards. Hebrew and Arabic read right-to-left. Hebrew appears תירבע as but should look like עברית
It would probably look even weirder in Arabic, a common language.
I studied Hebrew for ten years until 10th grade, and 3 uni semesters of Mandarin.


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