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Something a couple of people I spoke to in chat just now agree on, is that the tickbox for "Switch right/middle click" should also switch the camera controls.

From my experience as a 3D specialist over 21 years, it is a (loose but definitive) standard, across applications with 3D navigation, that MMB is Pan (sliding left/right/up/down), and that LMB is rotate, and RMB is zoom (though the inverse of RMB and LMB is second most common).

Those who know how to navigate 3D space efficiently will have the absolute best control over this game, so in these trying times, the flood of animators coming in are surely the most valuable assets.
Personally, to be able to switch MMB and RMB in terms of navigation controls, right now, would make me about 5-10x faster at operating FoldIt, and allow me to focus on the elements of the game rather than being confused by the navigation, and others seem to agree with me.

While nobody has said this yet, I do, however, think that RMB/MMB being switched for navigation should be an additional tickbox, preferably to being added to the current one (which needs renaming to "Switch RMB/MMB for Actions", as some long term users, who are only used to the current way around, may wish to have the current actions switched but not the controls.

However it's achieved though, I think the ability to have RMB as zoom, MMB as pan, LMB as rotate, is absolutely critical to the majority of new users.

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Simply having mouse buttons, which includes mice with more than just L/R/Middle/Scroll, included in the "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts" menu could indeed solve this. As well as provide people more capability with just their mouse, as my mouse (which is from 2005, and still works) is equipped with 4 additional buttons I could use. :)

I can certainly attest that I also thought the General Options setting to "Switch right/middle click" was for rotating and zooming of the protein :) (Which I could've sworn that was how the game DID work once upon a time [~2yrs ago], where middle button was for panning and right was for zoom)

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Great idea. I'll look into it.

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Awesome, thank you!!

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p.s. If you're willing to share the sourcecode, I could probably make the change myself if you can share it. It definitely be willing to have a crack at it.


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