Move foldit data to lower directory

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Opened on:Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 19:01
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It would be great if data were stored in lower directories under the main foldit directory, and only software were stored in the main directory. Data includes all solution files, script output files, and the recipe file all.macro. That way when you reinstall your client you would not have to lose your history (all the named solutions you saved to all the puzzles you have played) and your cookbook. Some people know to back those things up before reinstalling, but many don't.

It would also allow people who want to share a cookbook or a named saved solution across different foldit folders to set up symbolic links to do so, without the developers having to make any other changes to make it possible.

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How can I not get behind a suggestion that includes my Symbolic Link idea!? :D

(I don't recall who mentioned it in Vet chat during the discussion about that, but they said that they weren't sure Windows could 'Symlink' a file, only directories. However, after googling, it would appear that Windows can also make Symlinks to files! Guide to Symbolic Links
As I'm curious if Foldit can work with it w/o modifications, I'll be giving this a try and report back...)


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