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I downloaded and installed foldit in my PC - Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits - but, the interface is not shown - the application shows only the upper buttons of the window (minimize, maximize, close), but the rest is transparent.
After a few seconds, a song starts playing, but, I cannot see the interface.

Is there any wrong with my installation?

I downloaded foldit today, March 28, 2020.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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look for tiny instructions on the bottom

Rare Duelist

I just finished installing on a new computer...also a change to Windows 10 pro

My command line is at the very bottom in tiny type, just above the locked tool bar. Also remember to go into settings and set for advanced gui ( a box). I leave my sound turned off, which is also an option there. But it gives me more settings in view, etc. to control my folding

Hope that helps. It will take an adjustment from my old tiny screen and computer


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Did that help?

Hi! Did that help?

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Sorry for the late

Sorry for the late response.

I re.installed foldit, but, I get the same results as I described.
I cannot find the advanced gui neither a shortcut for execute the command line.

This image shows my current desktop with foldit opened.
Link to the image o imgur.com:

> i.imgur.com / nVnk8Zu . png

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More info?

Hi rare duelist, could you provide your computer specs and the log.txt file?

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sure. My PC specs: Microsoft


My PC specs:

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 bits
AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 425 Processor
3,75 GB



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