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I managed to get "great hydrogen bonding" but the whole molecule was off-screen at that point. Some sort of free-fly mode or pan, tilt and zoom would help.

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Pan: right-drag. Tilt: left-drag. Zoom: shift-drag up/down (or scroll wheel). Recenter protein: Q. These are great questions! You can also ask them in the in-game chat, and you can find more under Actions, Help.

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Hi Sableasy!

You can also join discord chat as well as in-game chat.

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"Home" key and "Q" key are good enough.

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I just completely lost my protein and it wouldn't come back with Q or scrolling the middle wheel. I have a PC Windows 10. Finally I saw your post and tried Home key and that is the only thing that worked. Thanks. I finally got the protein back.


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