Crash when creating GUI recipe

Case number:845829-2009236
Opened by:Rav3n_pl
Opened on:Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 21:12
Last modified:Friday, September 4, 2020 - 22:05

Creating few lines long GUI recipe.
Added Mutate, accidentally do "by stride", changed to "all" an it crash.

End of log:

Resymmetrized pose
***** STARTING THREAD ActionGlobalMinimize
RT: 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Unideality at position 68, adding dofs.
Resymmetrized pose
***** ENDING THREAD ActionGlobalMinimize
Sending SOPs:

Sending SOPs:

SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
Sending SOPs:

1: interactive::util::access_ptr::indirection_shim::indirection_shim +183 bytes (no line)
2: interactive::util::detail::checked_fxn_wrapper,std::allocator > (__thiscall standalone::application::macro::BlockParamInt::*)(int)>::operator(),std::allocator > (__thiscall standalone::application::macro::BlockParamInt::*)(int),0> +77 bytes (no line)
3: boost::_bi::list2 >,boost::arg<1> >::operator(),std::allocator >,interactive::util::detail::checked_fxn_wrapper,std::allocator > (__thiscall standalone::application::macro::BlockParamInt::*)(int)>,boost::_bi::rrlist1 > +40 bytes (no line)
4: boost::_bi::bind_t,std::allocator > (__thiscall standalone::application::macro::BlockParamInt::*)(int)>,boost::_bi::list2 >,boost::arg<1> > >::operator() +38 bytes (no line)
5: boost::detail::function::function_obj_invoker1,std::allocator > (__thiscall standalone::application::macro::BlockParamInt::*)(int)>,boost::_bi::list2 >,boost::arg<1> > >,std::basic_string,std::allocator >,int>::invoke +26 bytes (no line)
6: boost::function1,std::allocator >,int>::operator() +141 bytes (no line)
7: standalone::application::macro::IntValuePanel::update_value +90 bytes (no line)
8: standalone::application::macro::IntValuePanel::update +11 bytes (no line)
9: interactive::gui::Container::update +190 bytes (no line)
10: interactive::gui::TopLevel::update +1448 bytes (no line)
11: interactive::gui::GUISystem::update +95 bytes (no line)
12: interactive::guiwrapper::GUIWrapper::tick_frame +155 bytes (no line)
13: interactive::guiwrapper::win32::Win32Wrapper::start +451 bytes (no line)
14: interactive::application::interactive_main +2622 bytes (no line)
15: game::application::game_main +1321 bytes (no line)
16: library_main +21 bytes (no line)
17: no symbol (no line)
18: no symbol (no line)
19: no symbol (no line)
20: BaseThreadInitThunk +25 bytes (no line)
21: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +228 bytes (no line)
22: RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath +180 bytes (no line)

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There was also a recent crash in the Lua recipe editor, but I can't find the feedback or forum post. (Or maybe we talked about it on Discord, not sure.) The crash was something about creating a new recipe, but I can't recall the exact sequence of actions. (Regular editor has been working fine for me.)

Also, the "by strides" feature in GUI recipes has been broken for a while now. Any command doing "by strides" won't do anything.

Going back a couple of years, there was another GUI recipe problem. If I recall correctly, the internal code for "restore recent best" changed. When the user ran a GUI recipe with "restore recent best", the command was dropped and the recipe was saved without notifying the user. Needless to say, the missing command tended to break the recipes.

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Yes here:

("crashed when reading a recipe in edit-recipe pannel")(it was a Lua2 recipe, but I experimented this crash for GUI before as well)

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Try to replicate:
- band molecule
- edit default "bands reducer" script, do NOT save it
- press new GUI recipe
- accept no save
- crash

End of log.txt and debug.txt attached.

OS: win10x64, 16G ram, lots of free hdd.


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