Clash importance non-zero limit

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Opened by:Jualter
Opened on:Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 20:05
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I have spent a majority of my career on system control and using software to model systems. I would recommend that the "Clash Importance" under the Behavior menu in the game be limited to a minimum value of '0.01'.

Models don't like "switching" from an OFF (0.00) to an ON state ( >= 0.01). This can be observed because the protein often "explodes" during this transition. Therefore, it would be better to simply limit clash importance to a minimum value, such as 0.01 and never allow 0. This seems to confuse some of the general public on the forums and they may get better results with this minor change.

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Zero is useful when you want to do "illegal" moves by hand pulling - cross backbone and stuff.

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Hey Jualter!

Thank you so much for the suggestion!


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