Coronavirus binder designs queued for testing!

After the first three rounds of our Coronavirus Binder Design challenge, we've selected 99 of the most promising Foldit player solutions for experimental testing!

Once a Foldit puzzle closes, we run some further analysis to figure out which designs are the most likely to fold and bind to the target. You can read more about some of that analysis on our previous blog post. To select promising designs, we consider Foldit score in addition to metrics that correlate with proper folding and others that correlate with binding.

We've combined those metrics to choose 33 designs from each of rounds one, two, and three of the Coronavirus Binder Design challenge. In total, 99 Foldit binder designs will be tested at the UW Institute for Protein Design, with the same experiments that have already begun for computationally-designed binders.

It will be a few more weeks before genes arrive and we can begin experiments on the Foldit designs. In the meantime, we'll continue to work on designing better binders in Foldit, so stay tuned for more puzzles! Be sure to review our tips for designing successful binders and watch coronavirus expert Lexi Walls, Ph.D. discuss early Foldit designs!

Below are the 99 designed proteins that we'll test for binding to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (click to view the full-size image). Remember to fill out our username sharing form if you want to see your username in Foldit updates!

2008926_c0022 johnmitch
2008926_c0023 johnmitch
2008926_c0026 PLAYER_7
2008926_c0034 PLAYER_4
2008926_c0036 ZeroLeak7
2008926_c0037 NinjaGreg
2008926_c0040 Galaxie
2008926_c0042 bertro
2008926_c0052 Galaxie
2008926_c0056 PLAYER_9
2008926_c0059 stomjoh
2008926_c0063 PLAYER_1
2008926_c0066 PLAYER_4
2008926_c0069 Galaxie, robgee, alwen
2008926_c0071 silent gene
2008926_c0079 Galaxie
2008926_c0108 mirp
2008926_c0113 LociOiling
2008926_c0141 PLAYER_6
2008926_c0142 dcrwheeler
2008926_c0175 spvincent
2008926_c0193 silent gene
2008926_c0197 PLAYER_10
2008926_c0200 PLAYER_4
2008926_c0252 christioanchauvin
2008926_c0253 Waya
2008926_c0352 actiasluna
2008926_c0382 PLAYER_4
2008926_c0425 PLAYER_4
2008926_c0429 stomjoh
2008926_c0450 stomjoh
2008926_c0474 robgee
2008926_y3560 PLAYER_14
2008984_c0001 actiasluna
2008984_c0002 Caraline_nelson, Phyx, mirp, PLAYER_17, jeff101, silent gene
2008984_c0003 Bletchley Park, spvincent
2008984_c0007 johnmitch
2008984_c0017 Migi
2008984_c0019 Waya
2008984_c0023 stomjoh
2008984_c0030 Phyx
2008984_c0034 Aubade01
2008984_c0036 silent gene, edpalas
2008984_c0043 ZeroLeak7
2008984_c0044 PLAYER_19
2008984_c0046 Steven Pletsch, PLAYER_18
2008984_c0058 PLAYER_12, frood66
2008984_c0087 Skippysk8s
2008984_c0089 actiasluna
2008984_c0103 mirp
2008984_c0129 MurloW

2008984_c0140 robgee
2008984_c0147 spmm
2008984_c0167 PLAYER_13
2008984_c0182 ZeroLeak7
2008984_c0205 NinjaGreg
2008984_c0239 PLAYER_15, frood66
2008984_c0250 PLAYER_9
2008984_c0313 spvincent
2008984_c0580 robgee
2008984_c0626 PLAYER_19
2008984_y5208 spvincent
2008984_y5300 spvincent
2008984_y7170 mirp
2008984_y9747 silent gene
2008984_y9800 silent gene
2009030_c0002 Bletchley Park, PLAYER_5, georg137, spvincent
2009030_c0005 Bletchley Park
2009030_c0008 ZeroLeak7
2009030_c0009 Steven Pletsch, PLAYER_18
2009030_c0015 Tehnologik1
2009030_c0017 actiasluna
2009030_c0020 Galaxie, jamiexq
2009030_c0021 PLAYER_16
2009030_c0027 dcrwheeler
2009030_c0030 Susume
2009030_c0031 crpainter
2009030_c0040 PLAYER_3
2009030_c0049 actiasluna, Jpilkington, ManVsYard
2009030_c0073 Crossed Sticks
2009030_c0083 alcor29
2009030_c0085 Waya
2009030_c0102 retiredmichael
2009030_c0105 Steven Pletsch
2009030_c0115 PLAYER_13
2009030_c0116 PLAYER_20
2009030_c0147 PLAYER_21
2009030_c0226 actiasluna
2009030_c0242 PLAYER_2
2009030_c0271 NinjaGreg
2009030_c0314 zeroblue
2009030_c0346 PLAYER_19
2009030_c0554 PLAYER_22
2009030_y0378 silent gene
2009030_y0533 PLAYER_21
2009030_y0703 fiendish_ghoul
2009030_y3873 PLAYER_10, PLAYER_17, Bruno Kestemont
2009030_y5708 Bruno Kestemont
2009030_y6236 Keresto

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